Educate Your Brain

From the author, Kathy Brown, “My goal was to bring together all the simplified basics of the amazing Brain Gym® program from diverse sources, “de-mystifying” Brain Gym® and making it understandable to the newcomer, while creating a resource useful to the seasoned Edu-K consultant as well. Pages: 241

The book is in three main sections:

  1. The first chapters go step-by-step through the PACE process, describing the benefits of the four Brain Gym® movements that are its components, and how they combine as the perfect boost for learning faster, working smarter, and moving more easily through life.
  2. The middle section explores diverse elements of theory and practice:
    • Why movement is necessary for learning
    • Understanding the impact of retained infant reflexes, and how movement and Edu-K balancing may resolve these developmental issues
    • Specifics of Edu-K theory: whole-brain processing, The Three Dimensions, the concept of noticing and how to cultivate this ability in learners of all ages, the power of repatterning to achieve integrated low-gear (the only state  in which we can learn something new), and understanding Brain Gym® as a behavioral model.
    • How movement supports us in developing the natural ability to focus
    • Understanding the reading process: why learners may struggle to read without whole-brain integration; exploring “eye-lead” and the challenge of “left-eye lead;” why listening is a vital element of the reading process
    • A narrative description of Edu-K balancing, illustrated by diverse client stories to explore the many possibilities of this dynamic process
    • A sampler of Brain Gym® movements, and a simplified explanation of their categories: Midline Movements, Energy Exercises, Lengthening Activities, and Deepening Attitudes.
  3. And the chapters in the third section illustrate how Brain Gym® can be used in a wide variety of situations throughout life: in the workplace; for coordinated physical activity; in the classroom; as a personal growth tool; for relief from stress, distress, and trauma; and to support harmony and effectiveness in situations at home.